Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Don't Trust Warranty on eBay

If a trader on eBay claims to provide a warranty, don't take their word for granted. Because if they refused to provide a warranty or don't reply to your email after purchase,you are own your own and eBay will not help. Here is my story of what I have gone through in one such case.

I bought 10 LED lamps from "HappyHome" on eBay on 13/01/2013 and 3 of the lamps have gone burst within 6 months. I doubt if remaining 7 would leave beyond 12 months.

Issue is: The glass on top becomes concave may be due to heat and then leaves its grip with the body and pop out. Before going down the led start blinking and lamp makes little blast sound. The lamp in left picture (taken on 25/06) has burst today, the one on right is the lamp that burst earlier. It clearly indicate poor manufacturing process and quality issue.

Link to 'HappyHome' store page
Link to LED lamps from 'HappyHome' on eBay

See the picture below that clearly state that 'HappyHome' provide 12 months warranty on their LED lamps, that is pure lie. As after sending 3 mails in last one month or so, i have not received any reply. Also when i took up this issue with eBay customer service and their reply is even more disappointing.

eBay Response - see what eBay has to say about this, in their own words. Read it carefully and make your own decision while buying any valuable from eBay. 

Pictures like above of the complete chat with eBay is available here
(refer chat screen.docx or chat with agent.htm). The chat transcript is provided below. 

so u r saying ebay can't do anything about it
can you not ask your member to fulfil their warranty or black list them
hello John, r u there ?
i need a reply from you on above queries
John Rea (eBay Customer Rep)
Unfortunately, we cannot contact or force a member to fulfill their obligations as we have no control over what has happened. What I can advise that you do is to contact your seller or square trade about this.
I am really concerned and its big surprise for me here - ebay saying they can't control their member or ensure that the seller meets their obligation on what they saying on their page
in that case any seller would claim to provide a warranty and when customer demand it, they don't respond
John Rea
Yes, that is correct, but please know that we have a 45 day time frame to file a case if something has happened with the item, in this case being faulty. However, since the time allotted for this has passed, I'm afraid that the option to file one is not available any longer.
John Rea
This is because we feel that 45 days is a fair amount of time for the buyer and seller to try to resolve the problem. It also allows for difficulties with the postal service and personal circumstances.
John Rea
Also, what has indicated in the listing about warranties depend on the seller's action, as it is their decision on how to proceed. Also, Our site is a venue where anyone can offer, sell and buy just about anything, at anytime, from anywhere, in a variety of formats. At no point do we have possession of anything listed or sold through the site.
fine but here the seller is selling something with 12 month warranty, hope you have seen the link that i sent
John Rea
Because eBay is not involved in the actual transaction between Buyers and Sellers we have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items or the truth or accuracy of the listings.
now if a customer faces an issue with the item, you must ensure that seller meet their obligation
if you can't ensure that or control it - a seller would say anything in their advertisement. anyone would i provide a 12 months warranty
i know what you are saying you have not control on the quality of the item, however you have control on the listing and the member
you must have provision in your system to identify the fraud seller like this and blacklist them
in this case if you raise my concern with a seller he might help me
John Rea
Yes, that is correct, Nilesh. You don't have to worry as this kind of report has been saved and we will review your seller's action and take action if needed.
you also don't provide a provision for item feedback, otherwise people can right feedback about such seller so that other buyer are informed
will you be taking any action against the seller in this case?
if so what? Will you be informing about what action have your taken?
John Rea
Occasionally these unfortunate situations do arise. We work our hardest to reduce the frequency of these events, however sometimes the situation is beyond our control. I can assure you that when these situations do arise we always work as quickly as possible to try and solve the problems. This is very important to us, as we want our community of users to enjoy the best possible trading experience.
John Rea
Rest assured that your report will be investigated thoroughly. Appropriate action will be taken immediately once a decision has been made. However, due to our compliance with our Private Policy, we are unable to provide you any information as to what action has been taken.
John Rea
To have an idea on what possible actions will be applied, it may range from a warning, restriction or may even result to a suspension of an account, depending on what type of offense they made.
From your words it is clear that you will not be taking any action - if you don't inform me how will i know that you have taken a action
you are asking me to contact a police and some third party warranty provider and not helping me directly
John Rea
I understand why you're upset and I can't blame you for that. However, please understand as I try to inform to you why I can't take any further action. I believe I have addressed all of your concerns. Please follow what has been advised. Thank you for using eBay and have a good night.
Till date eBay has not taken any action against this trader as you can see from the link provided above. I don't think they will take any action as they earn their $$ comes from a commision they get from sellers. Also they don't provide a feedback mechanism like Amazon seems to suggest they favour sellers more than buyers.

Friday, 5 July 2013

3D Printed Jigsaw Puzzle

Software Used
1) GIMP2 - for picture editing
2) Inkscape to convert picture file (.jpg) in to SVG
3) Tinkercad to convert SVG into STL file

Detailed Process
1) Download a map picture from google

2) Simplify the picture using software like GIMP or just draw it. In this case i made the following changes
- Made Goa little bigger
- Simplified the boundary of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
- Connected all north eastern states in to one

3) Follow Inkscape tutorial for tracing and than save it as SVG file
- First Trace above map image, you will get boundary line picture which looks same as above
- Fill the color in each state, select all state and move it on side
- Delete the boundary image
- Now only below image remains, save it as SVG

4) Goto and create a free account. Tinkercad is browser based 3D design software which is now acquired by Autocad
- Create a new design 
- Import SVG, set the scale as 30% or you can reduce the model size afterward
- Set Height = 2mm
- Click the import button, Your 3D design of a map is ready now
- Save it as .STL file and print it using a 3D Printer

 5) Final product, 3D Printed Jigsaw printed using white ABS plastic (plastic of LEGO blocks). The case on right side makes your job easy to arrange a puzzle, believe me otherwise it's bit hard for anyone.

After painting indian flag color on the puzzle, this make it really easy for young kids. 
my Huxley 3D Printer
6) if you want to print one of your own, follow the link below to download the design file. 

7) Here is a UK map puzzle, made using same process


8) You can use the same design process to design a cookie cutter too.
- Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

9) Gingerbread girl cookie cutter, my 7 year old niece wanted me to make her this gingerbread girl cookie cutter. I had no idea how it should look, so she drew below picture for me (on left)  and picture of final product on right. This one is printed using organic plastic PLA (its made from corn). Here is link if you want one