Friday, 5 July 2013

3D Printed Jigsaw Puzzle

Software Used
1) GIMP2 - for picture editing
2) Inkscape to convert picture file (.jpg) in to SVG
3) Tinkercad to convert SVG into STL file

Detailed Process
1) Download a map picture from google

2) Simplify the picture using software like GIMP or just draw it. In this case i made the following changes
- Made Goa little bigger
- Simplified the boundary of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
- Connected all north eastern states in to one

3) Follow Inkscape tutorial for tracing and than save it as SVG file
- First Trace above map image, you will get boundary line picture which looks same as above
- Fill the color in each state, select all state and move it on side
- Delete the boundary image
- Now only below image remains, save it as SVG

4) Goto and create a free account. Tinkercad is browser based 3D design software which is now acquired by Autocad
- Create a new design 
- Import SVG, set the scale as 30% or you can reduce the model size afterward
- Set Height = 2mm
- Click the import button, Your 3D design of a map is ready now
- Save it as .STL file and print it using a 3D Printer

 5) Final product, 3D Printed Jigsaw printed using white ABS plastic (plastic of LEGO blocks). The case on right side makes your job easy to arrange a puzzle, believe me otherwise it's bit hard for anyone.

After painting indian flag color on the puzzle, this make it really easy for young kids. 
my Huxley 3D Printer
6) if you want to print one of your own, follow the link below to download the design file. 

7) Here is a UK map puzzle, made using same process


8) You can use the same design process to design a cookie cutter too.
- Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

9) Gingerbread girl cookie cutter, my 7 year old niece wanted me to make her this gingerbread girl cookie cutter. I had no idea how it should look, so she drew below picture for me (on left)  and picture of final product on right. This one is printed using organic plastic PLA (its made from corn). Here is link if you want one

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